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in the Ether (2022)

Photo Credit: Olivia Moon Photography

“In the Ether” is a multimedia contemporary dance duet exploring the limiting and empowering mythologies around womanhood in collaborators’ Claire Lane and Caroline Bradbury’s religious upbringings. The work draws heavily from Roman Catholic iconography of biblical women depicted in visual art to trace how organized spirituality has impacted the lives of women in history and in our personal lives. Specifically for this work, we delve into re-imagined characterizations of Mary Magdalene, The Virgin Mary, Joan of Arc, Susanna,  and Eve. Observing their histories, we utilize this research to create an atmospheric, feminist dreamscape through cloud-like projections, animations by visual artist Sophie Lane, gestural movement, and billowing silk fabric. “in the Ether” is a dialogue with the generations of Catholic women in our personal families; the women who have passed on their notions of faith and ritualistic tradition. Our research confronts the ways in which we may or may not carry forth our religious heritage. How does the folklore of our ancestors inform our artistry today and transmit information to the discourse of our greater community?


“In the Ether '' was supported by the Somerville Arts Council ArtAssembled Artists-in-Residence Fellowship and the New England Foundation for the Arts' New England Dance Fund, with generous support from the Aliad Fund at the Boston Foundation.

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